Who we are

work2health is a specialist international consultancy business/company engaged in the promotion of health and wellbeing. We are a leader in the fields of organisational development, public health and health promotion and the promotion of health and well being through the workplace and corporate training.

We excel in the promotion of good practice through the creation of public and corporate policy guidance and the provision of specialist advice & support.

work2health brings the latest knowledge, legislative awareness and developmental methodology to private and public sector organisations throughout the UK and Europe. We maintain a high awareness of global developments through our relationships with academic institutions, cutting edge organisations and global bodies. Our commitment to excellent communication is manifest in the relationship we enjoy with our clients.

work2health specialises in developing corporate approaches to health and wellbeing, learning and development, pressure management (stress), bullying and harassment, mediation and counselling and the prevention and management of drug and alcohol misuse.

We undertake a wide variety of research activities including qualitative and quantitative research, organisational audits, focus groups and evaluatory exercises.

work2health provides extensive training, mentoring, stress management and risk assessment services through its network of highly skilled and experienced staff and associates.