Programme & service evaluation

An evaluation is an important tool in improving the quality of a programme. It can determine the effectiveness of a programme; document that programme objective shave been met; provide information about programme delivery that will be useful to programme staff and stakeholders; enable programme managers to improve effectiveness. Evaluations foster accountability, determine the impact that a programme is making, and facilitate service delivery.

Our clients work with us to evaluate a variety of programmes and services, from local initiatives to pan-European programmes. We conduct process evaluations that describe and assess programme activities; outcome evaluations that study the immediate and direct effects on programme participants and stakeholders; and impact evaluations that look beyond the immediate results of a programme or service to identify longer term and unexpected effects.

We apply a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods of collecting data working on the basis that there is always more than one answer to any given question. We always structure our evaluations based on local needs, resources and requirements.