Workplace award schemes

Award and accreditation schemes provide a number of opportunities and benefits to the organisations who participate. These include a clear framework around which activities can be built; a sustainable and developmental approach where the award / accreditations scheme has different levels of attainment (Bronze, Silver, Gold for example); the opportunity for external review, feedback and advice; recognition as being a caring employer and an employer of choice.

Award and accreditation schemes should not require significant investment; rather the time and effort of those who form a working group and become involved in the delivery of health initiatives across the organisation.

work2health has extensive UK and EU experience of establishing and running award schemes; supporting organisations in developing their portfolio of activities; assessing organisations for various award schemes, including the provision of detailed feedback; facilitating networks, in which knowledge and practice can be shared, for organisations who seek or have attained an award; and in the review of award criteria and processes.